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Google I/O Extended 2018 Rochester

“Technology is awesome, trendy and empowering for all.” - Mango Developers

What's Mango?
means something that can't be expressed in words,
and can only Experienced.
Google has googliness, Rochester has Meliora,
and we have a sweet Mango for you.

Target based learning

We don't believe in spoon feeding, you always learn best when you learn experiencing it on your own. But you will always need a target to keep yourslef motivated and interested.

Focused on team work

You can do great stuff on your own, but you would always do better than that in a team. Team work is what we believe makes creating new stuff not just easy and effiecient but also fun. And that's why we love Git, Asana and Slack a lot.

Don't be dreamy!

Dream big, but don't be dreamy. If you come up with an idea, and you mark it's begining make sure you take it to its completion, otherwise what's the point!



Github link


An android app which allows you to control any Robot or Embedded Sys. interfaced bluetooth using Serial Port Profile(SPP). Download from playstore Androbot.

Insider IIT(BHU)

Download from Playstore

Insider IIT(BHU)

This app has been developed so as to provide a unified and genuine platform for getting information about the colleges activities everyone is interested in and likes to keep a track of. Only for IIT(BHU) Varanasi Students

Our Team

Aman Tugnawat
Team Lead
Tech Lead I/O extended

Sarat Kant
Management Lead
Supervisor I/O extended

Andrea Barrett
Program Coordinator [T.E.A.M]
Logistics I/O extended

Kathleen Driscoll

Rochester Community Advisor

Rahima Bah
Public Relation Head
I/O extended

Abby Chen
Creative Design Head
I/O extended